AFP understands that the findings may be challenging to read for some individuals, especially those who have experienced harassment. Data from the survey may trigger painful memories and feelings.

Our goal with the survey is to begin to understand the basic contours and environment of harassment in the profession, and then use the  information to develop education and training for the profession. Was harassment primarily coming from donors, or from supervisors or
colleagues? Did fundraisers feel that their organizations were prepared to deal with harassment issues, or was more support needed? The findings in this survey will help guide AFP’s efforts in determining where we can best position our voice and resources in stopping harassment in the fundraising (or any other) workplace.

We extend our appreciation and thanks to all members who participated in the survey.

In 2017, the Association of Fundraising Professionals was planning its new IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) Impact Program, the goal of which is to bridge the leadership gap in the fundraising profession by engaging, training, and supporting different diverse communities as they not only move into the profession, but also grow to sustain it.

The first campaign under the IDEA Impact Program was the Women’s Impact Initiative, or WII, and was launched earlier this year on International Women’s Day. The initiative is a two-year program to assess, address and highlight the specific issues and challenges that women in the fundraising profession face—with the ultimate goal of creating resources that help overcome gender inequity issues in the profession. The initiative will focus on research, education, awareness, and guidance and support. Harassment is just one of several issues WII is going to address, in addition to gender salary inequity, lack of women in senior leadership positions in the sector, and implicit bias.

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AFP/Chronicle of Philanthropy/Harris Poll Survey (Spring 2018)

The Chronicle Covers #MeToo Hits Fundraising

Through WII, we are working on developing resources to help fundraisers combat sexual harassement.  Check out this story from the Chronicle about what one organization did to protect their fundraisers from harassment

Join the Women's Impact Initiative Discussison Group and share your thoughts about the survey results.

We acknowledge  the Chronicle of Philanthropy for their partnership on this survey.

Thank you to the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy for Funding the survey.